Search Optimization and Internet Marketing

Search Optimization and Internet Marketing is more important in the advertising market, particularly for small businesses

Smaller businesses such as carpenters, drywallers, and landscapers are seeing a complete change in the way they get clients. In recent years, people found goods and services using the Yellow Pages. With the coming of internet marketing, these business directories have ended up wiped out. Consumers are now depending on the web to discover what’s out there in the way of services. Organizations, subsequently, are now looking for new solutions to market themselves in this newly advancing world.


How Does It Work?

Let’s look at how SEO functions work. First, let me say that Internet Marketing is an incomprehensible subject and can’t be managed in a solitary article. It would be a disaster to try to explain it in such a short post.

Basically, SEO is utilized to improve the ranking of a site in the search results. Assume you are doing some market research and are looking for an electricians’ tool called an “amp probe”. You type that keyword into ‘Google Search’ and thousands of search results are presented. Where do you start?

Site ranking is mainly presented by relevancy and location to your proximity. Another factor is to define whether; you’re looking to buy one, or just learn about them. Using more definitive ‘long tail’ keywords will help you find more specific content to your inquiry. A good SEO consultant tracks the parameters on which the positioning is done. They will usually improve the ranking of your site while using these factors to make changes. This is about improving your websites quality compared to your competition. When I say quality, I mean SEO is not done just to get rankings. If your website is crap people won’t stay on it for long and leave.

SEO is an extremely specialized art and no one has it mastered completely. It’s always changing. Why? Because the world is changing, people are changing, and marketing is changing.

SEO is a blend of science and workmanship, henceforth, it’s important that small organizations contract this area to a consultant. This will help to ensure they get the best ROI on their business marketing campaigns. Since doing SEO is impractical for each business visionary, consequently the SEO business is booming and there are numerous specialists who can give you phenomenal SEO result.


PPC AdWords Tips

PPC AdWords to Promote your Business

The majority of business owners give PPC AdWords a try and quit the scene when their budget depletes quickly and they have nothing to show for it. This is why you need to be thorough in using pay per click (PPC) AdWords to promote your business. If you use it without enough knowledge, you are going to burn your hands and lose a lot of money in the process.

Here are effective tips to use PPC AdWords properly for your business.


Track Everything

The most important thing is to track everything from the beginning. This is where most business owners make the mistake. They jump in blind without diving into the data to find ways and methods to improve their PPC AdWords campaigns. If you want to become successful in PPC, you have to analyze and adjust your campaigns accordingly. Little changes over time can make a huge difference at the end. When you improve the click through rates and decrease the CPCs, you will begin to see profits in your campaigns. PPC advertising allows you to see where every penny is going. This is why you need to track everything from the beginning. This is one of the most important tips to improve your overall PPC marketing efforts.

Mix PPC and Organic SEO

If you want an advertising campaign to be more effective in the long run, it’s an efficient idea to mix PPC and organic SEO. When theses two methods are done together, it will help you dominate the search results pages (SERPs). Then when consumers see your listing in both PPC and organic search, then your click through rate (CTR) will increase. In fact, they will view such a brand as an influential and industry leader in that particular niche. It will also help you to ‘cover all the bases’ as some consumers trust organic search results more than PPC.

Use an Optimized Landing Page

An optimized landing page is one of the essential factors for a good PPC ad campaign. Google’s Quality Score rewards advertisers that run high-quality AdWord campaigns and direct the traffic to a highly optimized landing page. You need to improve the quality score of your ad campaign for several reasons. A good quality score lowers the CPC and improves the positioning of your ad. Your landing page content should be related to your ad for best results in this regard.

These are important PPC AdWords tips that you can use to improve your ad campaign.


Internet Marketing Strategies To Build A Business Online

Building A Business Online

The growth of the internet has provided opportunities for anyone to build a business online. This applies equally to new and existing businesses.  There are so many ways to generate leads and sales online. If you use these methods effectively, you can quickly become an authority in your market and build a loyal customer base. Let’s take a look at some of the internet marketing strategies that can help you to be successful.


Create A Fully Optimized Website

A website is the foundation of your online marketing efforts.  You need a clean and easy to navigate site that makes a good impression for any viewers. This needs to be fully optimized.  This means it is search engine friendly and easy to view on all types of devices such as mobile phones. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the method by which you ensure you are providing relevant content to your visitors as well as structuring your site in the right way for Google and the other search engines.

Email Marketing

One of the most effective internet marketing strategies you can use is to build a list of email subscribers. This means that you give people the opportunity to enter their email addresses in an opt-in form and join your list in return for you providing them with valuable information. It may be that you offer an initial incentive such as a free report.  Once they are on your list, you can send them newsletters and details of offers. This can all be done through email software known as an autoresponder which allows you to message all of your subscribers at once if you wish.

Social Media Marketing

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have been one of the biggest trends online in recent years. These platforms provide a great opportunity to build an audience and to drive visitors to your website. The way you leverage these correctly is to understand how each one works to make sure you build relationships according to how the platform has been developed. In addition, you can ride the wave of new opportunities as they arise.  Examples of these are sites such as Instagram and Pinterest that grew very quickly from inception.

Online Video

Video has proven to be one of the best ways to engage with people online. It is a great way to build trust as you can demonstrate your knowledge and personality which makes people more likely to take action. If you have an active YouTube channel and viewers enjoy your videos, they will subscribe to your channel and so you can build a large audience through this medium alone. The popularity of video has seen social media sites such as Facebook give greater emphasis to videos uploaded directly to their platforms. There are so many different styles of video that you can create.  It is now seen by many marketers as an essential tool for success online.

Live Streaming

The natural progression of video has seen the introduction of live streaming which has been rolled out in different forms by the major players such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. This can be a very powerful way to engage with your audience and an example of this is the live broadcasts that you see appearing in Facebook’s news feeds and as with any new innovation, they tend to be promoted heavily by the sites involved. This gives you the opportunity to take advantage of this new technology and profit as a result.


Internet marketing is constantly changing and if you leverage these strategies, you can build a successful business online.



Customizing Infusionsoft CRM for Cleaning Businesses

Infusionsoft CRM

Infusionsoft CRM is a customer management and automation program.  A CRM program is used to keep track of all of your current and potential clients. It will let you keep relative data on customers such as:  account number, names, address, credit card information and past orders


An Excellent Tool to Help Your Business Expand

A centralized database, or CRM, is an excellent tool to help your business expand.  They are designed to control the information about your customer contacts.  An automated CRM program can house your different relationships and ensures your communication is optimal.   It’s kind of like having an automatic sales team that never forgets.  The added communication can increase your sales exponentially.  One of the keys to success is being able to get the most out of everything you have.

Infusionsoft for your Cleaning Business

Infusionsoft is an automated CRM service scheduling software that can be specifically custom designed for a cleaning business.  It is designed for all business sizes, small to large businesses and is fully customizable.  It can take a couple weeks to get your CRM fully customized to your company’s exact campaign.

Infusionsoft CRM can be individualized to contact your customers in a number of ways.  You can create a snowball effect by increasing your companies structured follow-up.  You should enter your prospects every time you receive one.  The process can be automated from your website.  It has an open API so you can automatically have your clients, who contact you by phone, entered.

Many times, you and customers play a game of phone tag.  Every customer that contacts you should be quoted.  The average cleaning business only quotes around 65% of the customers that contact them.  Long-term business owners will tell you, follow ups are the key to a successful business.  By increasing your communication with your current clients, you can generate extra revenue.  Simple things like a newsletter can keep you in your client’s mind and make you the go-to-guy.

Setting up your homepage

Once you have your Infusionsoft CRM software installed, you are ready to create your homepage.  You can add different links to your navigation like My Day dashboard and contacts.  This can be changed by going to “my nav” and dragging on the different functions.  Your navbar should have the things you use on daily basis and you can customize their order by dragging and dropping.

You should use the “My Day” page to add tasks or appointment, and it will add them to your calendars automatically. It’s very easy and quick to add appointments by clicking “add.”  You can add a title, location, time, and notes.  You can also select all day if your meeting will take the entire day and you do not want to be disturbed.

How campaigns work

Once you understand the basics of your Infusionsoft software, the next thing you want to do is set up your campaign.  Build a quote form from the templates provided.  You can build excellent and highly effective looking templates. You should make sure your quote form has all the information you need to get from your contact.   This will make contacting them over multiple platforms easier.  When a customer requests a quote on your website, they are automatically entered into the system.

Now that they are in your system they are ready to be sorted into your campaigns.  Campaigns are a chain of automated events in a marketing strategy.  For example, if you follow up and get a voicemail, the software will automatically reschedule a callback time.  It will also automatically send an email that tells customers you have called and that you can send them an online quote.

Getting into your Sequence

Once they are quoted they will go into your sequences.  An example of a sequence is as follows:  As your customer requests a quote, they will also receive an additional email that has company information.  You can also set it to remind you to contact your potential customers.  You can even have it remind you to send a handwritten card.  E-coupons are a great way to spark customer interest and motivate your client.  If there is no action for 2 weeks, the system will automatically send another informative email.  Subconsciously, this will show your customer that you are a good communicator and most people appreciate the follow-up.

Infusionsoft can continually send clients newsletters after 2 months.  In 3 months it will send a testimonial E-card and after 6 months it will send an additional promotions package.  Finally, at 9 months you can send a “your quote is expiring” email.  All this follow-up keeps you in your client’s mind.

Newsletters and follow-up emails

Creating an effective newsletter in Infusionsoft is easy—you can create a template in half hour.  You should make your newsletter easily swappable to reduce the monthly workload.  This technique is recommended and can save you a lot of time in the future.  You should be consistent.  It is recommended that your customers receive monthly newsletters.   You can also make pre-made emails that can be scheduled for later send dates.  Infusionsoft will even let you set it to remind you to do a follow-up call the day after a cleaning.  This is all done automatically forever, until they unsubscribe.

You can build and manage promotional campaigns and even adjust prices based on how long a client has been with you.  It is very easy to navigate.  The software is drag and drop.  Adding your pre-existing data is easy.    You can upload any CSV files directly to Infusionsoft.

Create sequences and connect them, and then add timers and canned emails.  A good campaign can take a couple weeks to learn, but with your service scheduling software training coach, you can decrease this learning curve.  Having a coach to assist you makes all the difference.  They help you build your first campaign and make learning a breeze.

Infusionsoft is a great solution for any cleaning business looking for a fully customizable automated CRM. 

The only thing Infusionsoft CRM can’t do is schedule your employees.


Are You Considering Business Coaching Services?

Is Business Coaching for you?

If you are the owner and operator of a small to medium sized company, it can be incredibly helpful to have a business coach or mentor that you can consult with when you need to make decisions. However, you need to be sure that you are working with a professional who is an expert in the field. This guide will assist you in finding the best mentor for you so you can grow and advance your business.


Research & Investigate

You may already know someone who provides these kinds of services, either in your local community or through online forums. However, that is not enough for you to decide to trust this person with your affairs. You will need to research and investigate carefully before you decide who you are going to use. This will help ensure that you get the best advice possible.

If you do not know any, then you will need to make a completely fresh list. Otherwise, you can begin adding to it with a search online. Although you can get consulting from someone in another community, this is a service that is often better fulfilled by someone who is geographically close to you.

Consider a Coach who is Geographically Close

The importance of this will depend in part on the type of business that you have. There are likely many things in your community that influence your business that an outsider may not understand. You do not want to inadvertently make mistakes that hurt your reputation because you listened to someone who has never even walked the streets in your town.

For instance, there may be an annual event that is very special to the town and the people. When it happens, employers may close early, give employees days off, schedule a lot of overtime hours or a number of other possibilities. An advisor not familiar with how the event influences the psyche of the townfolk may recommend things that the employees and/or customers will not appreciate.

Another reason that you want business coaching services from someone who is in your area is they will have an additional set of ears regarding potential changes in the community. For instance, they may hear early on about a potential zoning change that will directly impact your expansion plans. The advice based on the upcoming changes can be invaluable.

Review their Entrepreneurial Endeavors

However, you need to have more parameters for the job than simply living in the same city! Take a list of four or five business coaches that are in your city and begin to research each of them. You want to know how successful they have been in their own entrepreneurial endeavors and if they have helped others to achieve success.

Read several reviews and go beyond the first page of the search engine results to be sure that you are getting a complete picture of each. If you cannot find sufficient information, you should move the person down on your list. If the info that you find is incredibly sparse and contains negative reports, you may want to scratch them entirely from you list.


Set up a Consultation Appointment

At this point, you have checked out their websites and general consumer reputation. Ideally there are at least two businesses or indivdiuals left on the list. Contact each of them to make a consultation appointment. Let them know up front that you are not going to make a decision that day because you have to complete the interviews and compare your notes first. If a person tries to force you to sign anyway, be aware that the aggressive behavior will continue throughout your work together.

During your interview with the business coaches on your list, you will need to see how well you and the person “click” together. Do they understand your vision and your business? Are they aggressive and controlling of the conversation and the business vision? Remember that you will be working closely with this person when making vital business decisions. You need to feel comfortable that you are getting the best advice and yet are free to make your own choices without judgement or berating.

Compare the experiences that you had with each of the coaching consultants and decide which one you want to work with.


Benefits Of Online Marketing

The Benefits

The internet has helped numerous businesses develop in the online market place leading to saturation.  The need for online marketing is more evident for any business to beat out its competitors.

Here are some of the advantages of online marketing:


Internet marketing is an extremely cost effective way of getting the word out on your products with little or no capital. You might use social media or send emails which when compared to other forms of marketing such as newspaper, radio and television, have a significant cost difference.

Easily Accessible To A Wide Audience

Marketing through the internet, leads to a much wider reach. It has a global audience with millions of people being able to view the advertisements, whether it’s via an email campaign or a blog/social media marketing.

Round The Clock Marketing

A major advantage of online marketing is the fact that it is 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There are no business hours and no personnel to pay. The consumers can browse at their own convenience, for whatever time period they choose.content-is-king-thumbs-up

Time Effective

Another advantage is how much time it saves for the marketer. It is possible to begin an aggressive campaign within a few hours. In a few minutes or so marketing can be started with a single subscriber.

Target Markets

Internet marketing is amazing because it has the ability to reach the audience that are most attracted to the products. The ad can be filtered to targets certain demographics, like girls between 15- 22 for certain products and the elderly men for certain products. For instance for make up your target might be a younger audience whereas for an investment scheme your target might be middle aged males.

Convenience And Ease Of Use

Internet marketing is one of the most convenient ways of marketing ever conceived. As long as consumers have access to the internet they can reach the markets anywhere in the world from the convenience and safety of their homes. Once the items are purchased all the details concerning delivery can be tracked using online resources.

Finally, one of the major benefits of the internet is the multitasking effect. It is possible to serve millions of consumers at the same time. A big amount of transactions can occur within the website without any of the consumers feeling dissatisfied with their interactions. Even better, the business owner can handle numerous transactions at once.

Enjoy these and many more advantages of online marketing.


Market Research – Basics to Marketing Goods and Services

Market Research

Detailed and accurate data is the foundation of all successful businesses. This is because a business is able to achieve a wealth of information regarding the competition, existing and prospective customers; and the industry in general. In a nutshell, it allows the business owner to determine the feasibility of business before committing any considerable business resources. Market Research offers relevant information aimed at helping any marketing challenges that a company is most likely to face; which is an integral part of the business planning process.

What Is Market Research?

This can be defined as the process of analyzing, gathering and interpreting market information about the service or product behavior in a particular market or industry. The data will show more about the past, present and possible future, customer expectation, market trends, market characteristics, location, spending habits and not forgetting competition.

Market research is quite important; – in a matter of fact, marketing strategies such as:

• Unique Services (These are services that separate you from your competitors)
• Product Differentiation (This is the process of creating a product or service identity)
• Market Segmentation (A technique of identifying a specific group within a particular market)

are impossible to achieve or develop without market research. The market research purpose is to observe the market linked with a particular business. Also, to identify how the audience will receive the business and its product or services. Keep in mind that this may include information gathering for the purpose of market segmentation as well as product differentiation. The data can be used to tailor ad efforts as well as determining which features should be considered as a priority to the consumer.

Types Of Market Research

Market research can be divided into two major categories, which are:

1. Primary Research

Primary research is a market data that you compile on your own, through your efforts; and mainly considered as original information. You may also hire someone to collect and research more about your firm’s market.

Primary research is divided into two categories;

• Quantitative Research (Exploratory Research)

According to Wikipedia, “This is a methodical empirical analysis of observable occurrences through Mathematical, statistical and computational methods.” In other words, quantitative analysis is achieved through computerized methods, surveys or market calculations. The method’s objective is to employ and develop theories, mathematical models as well as market hypotheses.

• Qualitative Research (Specific Research)

This is a technique whose approach encompasses many research techniques. This method does vary with the disciplinary back around, like using psychologist with an aim of getting an in-depth human behavior understanding as well as a particular reason(s), which directed such actions. Qualitative research mainly aims at understanding your customers and the industry in general.

For example, knowing why your customers prefer your product, reasons for them buying your product, the reason they bought it at that particular time (do they impulse buy? purchase due to a particular story or buy only when they need it) and much more.

Real business applicable Example (Putting It in A Particular business or product): – Assuming that you are selling camping products and items. Trying to identify your customer purchasing behavior such as, do a majority of them buy these items because they are about to go on a camping trip, or simply buying them in advance? Which season does your camping items gain demand and in which way?

2. Secondary Research

Secondary research is market information that has already been conducted by other parties, such as government and non-government entities. This is data that has already been collected for you. Such information might include, location security, data, and growth; population data, purchasing methods, and market demands.


Many educational institutes conduct researches in various ways, which range from faculty-based projects to student projects and assignments. Therefore, never ignore such sources because they may contain information that you actually need or benefit you in a great way.