Customizing Infusionsoft CRM for Cleaning Businesses

Infusionsoft CRM

Infusionsoft CRM is a customer management and automation program.  A CRM program is used to keep track of all of your current and potential clients. It will let you keep relative data on customers such as:  account number, names, address, credit card information and past orders


An Excellent Tool to Help Your Business Expand

A centralized database, or CRM, is an excellent tool to help your business expand.  They are designed to control the information about your customer contacts.  An automated CRM program can house your different relationships and ensures your communication is optimal.   It’s kind of like having an automatic sales team that never forgets.  The added communication can increase your sales exponentially.  One of the keys to success is being able to get the most out of everything you have.

Infusionsoft for your Cleaning Business

Infusionsoft is an automated CRM service scheduling software that can be specifically custom designed for a cleaning business.  It is designed for all business sizes, small to large businesses and is fully customizable.  It can take a couple weeks to get your CRM fully customized to your company’s exact campaign.

Infusionsoft CRM can be individualized to contact your customers in a number of ways.  You can create a snowball effect by increasing your companies structured follow-up.  You should enter your prospects every time you receive one.  The process can be automated from your website.  It has an open API so you can automatically have your clients, who contact you by phone, entered.

Many times, you and customers play a game of phone tag.  Every customer that contacts you should be quoted.  The average cleaning business only quotes around 65% of the customers that contact them.  Long-term business owners will tell you, follow ups are the key to a successful business.  By increasing your communication with your current clients, you can generate extra revenue.  Simple things like a newsletter can keep you in your client’s mind and make you the go-to-guy.

Setting up your homepage

Once you have your Infusionsoft CRM software installed, you are ready to create your homepage.  You can add different links to your navigation like My Day dashboard and contacts.  This can be changed by going to “my nav” and dragging on the different functions.  Your navbar should have the things you use on daily basis and you can customize their order by dragging and dropping.

You should use the “My Day” page to add tasks or appointment, and it will add them to your calendars automatically. It’s very easy and quick to add appointments by clicking “add.”  You can add a title, location, time, and notes.  You can also select all day if your meeting will take the entire day and you do not want to be disturbed.

How campaigns work

Once you understand the basics of your Infusionsoft software, the next thing you want to do is set up your campaign.  Build a quote form from the templates provided.  You can build excellent and highly effective looking templates. You should make sure your quote form has all the information you need to get from your contact.   This will make contacting them over multiple platforms easier.  When a customer requests a quote on your website, they are automatically entered into the system.

Now that they are in your system they are ready to be sorted into your campaigns.  Campaigns are a chain of automated events in a marketing strategy.  For example, if you follow up and get a voicemail, the software will automatically reschedule a callback time.  It will also automatically send an email that tells customers you have called and that you can send them an online quote.

Getting into your Sequence

Once they are quoted they will go into your sequences.  An example of a sequence is as follows:  As your customer requests a quote, they will also receive an additional email that has company information.  You can also set it to remind you to contact your potential customers.  You can even have it remind you to send a handwritten card.  E-coupons are a great way to spark customer interest and motivate your client.  If there is no action for 2 weeks, the system will automatically send another informative email.  Subconsciously, this will show your customer that you are a good communicator and most people appreciate the follow-up.

Infusionsoft can continually send clients newsletters after 2 months.  In 3 months it will send a testimonial E-card and after 6 months it will send an additional promotions package.  Finally, at 9 months you can send a “your quote is expiring” email.  All this follow-up keeps you in your client’s mind.

Newsletters and follow-up emails

Creating an effective newsletter in Infusionsoft is easy—you can create a template in half hour.  You should make your newsletter easily swappable to reduce the monthly workload.  This technique is recommended and can save you a lot of time in the future.  You should be consistent.  It is recommended that your customers receive monthly newsletters.   You can also make pre-made emails that can be scheduled for later send dates.  Infusionsoft will even let you set it to remind you to do a follow-up call the day after a cleaning.  This is all done automatically forever, until they unsubscribe.

You can build and manage promotional campaigns and even adjust prices based on how long a client has been with you.  It is very easy to navigate.  The software is drag and drop.  Adding your pre-existing data is easy.    You can upload any CSV files directly to Infusionsoft.

Create sequences and connect them, and then add timers and canned emails.  A good campaign can take a couple weeks to learn, but with your service scheduling software training coach, you can decrease this learning curve.  Having a coach to assist you makes all the difference.  They help you build your first campaign and make learning a breeze.

Infusionsoft is a great solution for any cleaning business looking for a fully customizable automated CRM. 

The only thing Infusionsoft CRM can’t do is schedule your employees.